Bellaire Living

  1. Annual Drinking Water Report (PDF)

    Read the Drinking Water Report published by the city.

  2. Centennial Historical Walk (PDF)

  3. City Library

  4. Community Video

    Take a video tour of Bellaire!

  5. Dog Park

  6. Education

    Get information about the great schools in and around Bellaire.

  7. Evelyn's Conservancy

    Visit the website dedicated to Evelyn's Conservancy to get all the information you need regarding the project.

  8. Frequently Asked Questions

    Review the FAQ's of the city to get information you're looking for, and some information you may not have known you needed.

  9. Garage Sales

    Bellaire Garage Sale Information

  10. Library

    Visit the library's section of the website for information about events hosted by the city library.

  11. Nature Discovery Center

    Take some time to enjoy the great outdoors through the Nature Discovery Center.

  12. Town Square Family Aquatic Center

  13. Trolley

    Learn about the historic trolley system of Bellaire.

  14. Visitors' Information

    Visitors' Information