ROW Analysis, Integration & Planning Project

About The Project:
This study is designed to identify the location and use of all City of Bellaire Rights of Way (ROW) and what options may be available for those ROW parcels which do not presently include official public uses or are otherwise available for repurposing. Focus will be on the commercial areas.

Additionally, once identified, ROW parcels will be reviewed for possible inclusion in alternative transportation routes that may best connect Bellaire within a regional network.

This study will provide an inventory of ROW as well necessary maps to highlight identified areas. Information provided by the study will assist with  policy discussions on the following:

  • ROW Management Policy to include commercial revitalization,
  • Identification of Parks Trails and Pedestrian/Bicycle destinations and routes; and
  • Evaluation of City property functionality.

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Why Do We Need This?

This study will provide the City with a better understanding of the current uses of City rights-of-way (ROW) including streets and alleys, and assist in the development of long-term facility improvements including those for bicycle and pedestrian use, as well as identify those areas whose better use may positively affect commercial redevelopment.
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