Wastewater Treatment Plant Fine Screen Building Replacement Project

About The Project:
Due to the corrosive atmosphere, the building is suffering from deterioration and needs to be replaced.

An average of 1.7 million gallons of raw wastewater passes through the fine screen each day. Raw wastewater produces a very corrosive atmosphere.

The building has deteriorated to the point where it is becoming a safety hazard.

The design of the building repairs will need to be such that the materials used can withstand the corrosive atmosphere.

Engineer: ARKK Engineers
Engineering Cost: $15,620

This project is currently under design.

Why Do We Need This?

Due to the corrosive atmosphere caused by 1.7 million gallons of wastewater passing through the fine screen each day, the building is suffering from deterioration and needs to be replaced.  This project is in line with the City Council’s priority of focusing on Public Infrastructure and Facilities.

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